Sunday, October 5, 2008

random stuff!

these first two pictures are from where we buy our beans. i had a couple other pics, but they won't upload right now. i'll try some other time. there was a muddy creek full of trash, and pigs, chickens, and goats roaming around.

and these two pics are the view from my roof.

and now for the random things:

- we don't have electricity in the mornings, (the only time we have city electricity is at night), but i'm usually willing to do what it takes to have some coffee. so i boil my water. not that difficult, i can handle it. but a few days ago, after i put the water on the stove, i got called away to other things. by the time i got back to my room and remembered about the stove...well, there was just a pot and no water!

-rats and mosquitos love me. don't worry though, unlike the mosquitos, the rats aren't biting me...they just like to hang out.

-i learned something new! as you know, in the american culture, if you slide your hand or a finger across your throat, this symbolizes saying "you're dead meat!". however, while driving, the person i was with made this gesture to someone on the street...and then explained to me that in Haiti it simply means "i don't have anything".

-the kids at the orphanage love the movie "Annie". i think they would totally be okay if we watched it every single day. they sing along with the songs, and even when we haven't watched the movie for several days, it's not uncommon to hear one of the kids singing an "Annie" song through-out the day. but i have come to realize that while the seem to have the songs pretty well memorized, they get a lot of the words wrong. i don't bother correcting them though, it's fun hearing the songs in their broken English with the wrong words! (ah man! now i've got in my head "let's go to the movies Annie...")

-and we finally start school tomorrow! we were originally suppose to start Sept. 8, but the government pushed it back due to all the hurricanes. so we'll see how that goes!
okay, i promise to share more later!