Tuesday, May 27, 2008


the adventure's of elias and megan. and spiderman. and some other people, too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

he's home!

my brother is home from Afghanistan! my parents, sister, and I went to Savannah to visit him, but because of some delays (nothing too surprising there!), we had some free time to enjoy savannah while we waited.

this is me chatting with Fred (well, that's what we named him) at Bass Pro Shop.

my sister-in-law being the arms for the mannequin.

and at the beach...

and then my brother finally got home! here are some pics of his from Afghanistan and some after his arrival to the states.

Monday, May 5, 2008

okay, i'll do it!!

i am: at work
i think: therefore i am
i know: very little!
i want: to be able to teleport. or for flying to be free. teleporting would be cool though
i have: (yes, yes, more than i need! but that's what everyone else said, so i'll come up w/ something else) a funny taste in my mouth
i wish: i could teleport. (i didn't see a rule book that said i couldn't use the same answer twice)
i hate: spiders
i miss: haiti. and lots of people. you especially.
i fear: spiders
i feel: blessed
i hear: the Leeland CD. and stephanie talking to a customer.
i smell: with my nose
i crave: same things that i miss.
i search: using goodsearch.com!
i wonder: what God has planned for me...
i regret: lots of things. but i don't dwell. even the things that i have screwed up, God has used for His glory
i love: you
i ache: same things that i miss and crave. (i guess i could be more creative and not use the same answers over and over again. but oh well.)
i care: yes
i always: make a list for what i need at the store then forget to bring it with me
i am not: creative enough to come up w/ better answers for this
i believe: God is sovereign. there is absolute truth.
i dance: never
i sing: maybe in the car
i cry: on mondays
i don't always: only cry on mondays
i fight: like a man
i write: on thursdays
i never: touch a washrag or sponge without smelling it first. seriously, once that "old washrag" smell is on your hands, it never goes away!
i need: to learn to teleport
i am happy about: seeing my brother in a few days