Friday, May 28, 2010

the kitty monster

As I was looking back at pictures of my haitian cat, I remember how stinking funny it was that the orphanage kids were so scared of my cat. She was just a kitten. And even as she got older, she was just a tiny little thing. But the kids were terrified. They use to just rush into my room, swinging up the door. Oh, but not after the kitty monster came. They would slowly open the door to peek in to see if they saw her first.

They simply would not go near her. But they still wanted to hang out in my room. Apparently, they thought they were safer and out of her reach on the table. 

Walking on the floor was simply too unsafe. notice: cat- left side of pic on desk & and Justin- right side, just a little startled at this point

and from startled to scared and in stacey's arms.

I kid you not. These faces:

were all brought to you by the vicious,  


                                                                                                     absolutely horrific


Friday, May 14, 2010

Launching Leve

This is my blog. This is where I share things from my point of view. So that's what I'm going to do. If you want just the facts of "launching leve" minus my opinion- check out the Leve Project blog:

Passion without praying and thinking things through leads to mistakes. I use the group from Idaho (that got arrested trying to take Haitian kids to the DR) as an example for this. I am not bashing them. I believe they had passion and a desire to "fix" things. But they jumped into action without knowing what they were doing. 

I wanted to be sure that wasn't what we were doing. I was excited about idea of starting a new ministry in Haiti, but also a little hesitant. What if it fails? What if I spend time and effort on this, and it never even makes it off the ground?

But I've realized the "success" of this is not up to me. It wouldn't matter how much time or effort we put into it; if God wasn't in it, it would still fail.  It's up to me to be obedient and up to God to do the rest. He uses us for His work-- but it's still His work, not ours. He is the only one that can determine the results. I believe God is in Leve Project and this is what He has called me to do.

It's not always easy. It's not always fun. It takes a lot of time, planning, paperwork, praying, seeking outside help, phone calls, travel, fundraising, and A LOT of time behind the computer. Sometimes I wonder why I'm even doing this. Why not just give up on all of this, stay in the states and get a regular job?  There is nothing wrong with living in the states and having a "regular" job. But it's wrong if I do it  when God has called me to something else.

I am excited to see what God will do with Leve Project. I'm anxious, actually. I want to get back to Haiti and really get this going. But, we're not at that point yet. It's part of that whole planning and thinking ahead thing. There is still work to be done here.

Our main focus right now is building a support system. We are looking for churches, organizations, and others to get involved who will be a regular part of Leve Project. But, we also needs some funds to jump start this whole thing. And that is why you see the chip-in meter on the side of my blog and on the Leve Project blog. Read projects blog for more information on "Launching Leve" and please consider what you can give and help us spread the word!!