Friday, November 4, 2011

my moto rides

We don't have a car or truck... so my main transportation since moving here as been by motorcycle (referred to simply as "moto" here). Up until recently, it was by moto taxi... until some friends that were in Haiti short term gave us the moto they had bought here. Thank you Tim and Ruth Weber!!

I love my moto rides. My time on the moto is sacred, really. For one reason or another, I am always drawn to reflect, ponder, muse and contemplate life, God, friends, poverty and justice.

I see this

and this...

and I'm in awe of the beauty of God's creation. I mean, it is gorgeous. I also see beauty in the faces we drive by. But then, sometimes I become angry. Where is the freaking justice??! These people have a crazy hard life. Daily, they walk up and down a mountain just to get water & food for their family. They struggle to get by each day. Life is simply about surviving to them. Shouldn't life be about more than just surviving?? Why do some people have all pleasures and comforts they could possible want... while others just hope to make it through the day. This makes me angry. I usually go full cycle on my moto rides though. I see the struggle and the injustice and get angry. I see the beauty and the unbreakable spirit of the people and I'm filled with amazement and awe. 

I love my moto rides.