Thursday, February 28, 2008


why would i write a post about my trip, when i could just show you pictures??! they tell the story better than i could!

click this pic to see more!

oh yeah, and i must give credit to Belle for some of the pictures. she gets a little carried away w/ taking pictures, but hey, she always gets some good ones in along with the random ones of feet, tables, butts, toys, etc.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


yes, it is Valentine's Day, but this post isn't going to be very Valentine-y. but i had a thought the other day. (hey, they don't happen very often, i have to blog about them when i get the chance!)

what makes something smell bad? i'm not taking about what gives something an odor...but what makes us think it smells bad?? is it simply that our brains have been trained to think certain things smell bad? is it simply our interpretation? or is it fully explained by a natural reaction of our smell receptor's to our brain? is there such thing as an odor that actually smells bad...or are there just odor's that we think smell bad? i would almost say it is just all in our heads. but i tend to think this way a lot. because if something is "all in your head" that gives you the ability to control how you react. however, if there is actual, biological, chemical explanation for everything...then that means you WILL react/respond a particular way without choice. i like to think i always have control :) so if i tell myself something does not smell bad, can it actually not smell bad to me? some things it seems are personal opinion- some people like the smell of gasoline. some do not. pretty much everyone agrees that flowers smell good. pretty much everyone agrees that farts, and sewers, and decaying bodies smell bad. (sorry, i got carried away w/ the bad smells) so why is it we all think farts smell bad? what is it about certain odors that tells our brain it smells bad?? i think i'm repeating myself now. and i think you at least understand the point i'm trying to get at. well, i guess there's not really a point. just random thoughts. can you help me? do you have any medical, scientific answers? if not, more random thoughts are welcome.

thanks to my roommate for helping with the big words and sentence's.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

a new heart.

okay, i have a song for you again! :) take a good listen...

"White As Snow" jon foreman

this has been my theme song over the last few days. i can always tell you about the depravity of man and how sinful and wicked the human heart is. and i realize i am human, so of course i fall into this category. but do i actually search my own heart? it's not simply about how filthy man is, it's about how filthy I am.

create in me a clean heart, O God. my heart is not fairly clean with a little bit of dirt on it...there is sin so deep in my heart, no amount of dusting or wiping will get rid of it. i need a whole new stickin heart! i need a heart that is unlike everything i am. yes, i know that as a believer, i am a new creation, but salvation is not yet complete- there is still a war within me. i am in constant need of forgiveness for the wickedness that is still deep in my heart, and i am in constant need to be washed white as snow.

this song is taken from Psalm 51. read it. pray it.

Father, restore to me the joy of your salvation!!