Wednesday, July 16, 2008

just for fun.

i promise i'll do a real post sometime soon. everyone seemed to enjoy Fred so much, so here are some other fun pictures.

chatting with this nice gentleman in Chicago.

@ Navy Pier. this really isn't original, everyone does this. still fun though.

and the last of the Chicago fun.

at Senor Frogs in Myrtle Beach

having fun at the Underground Mall in Atlanta

doing surgery at a museum in Nashville.

then we decided surgery was too boring. we took the zombie approach and ate our patient.

Calvin with Elias in his hand

Calvin climbing on Olivia's racket

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


well, i made it to California. if you don't already know, i came out here to stay for the summer and am staying with the Hoffmann's.

here is what a drive to california looks like:

and a few things i've discovered:

-Californians think being in a turn lane means you don't have to use a turn signal
-my definition of "sleeping in" has changed
-everyone i know, i know because i've babysat their children